Stand for ultrasonic testing of railway wheels SUDKP

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We offer supplying the latest innovation made by our plant which has no analogues: stand of ultrasonic testing of wheel sets (SUTWS) for railway and underground trains. The stand works on a new patented control method. The first samples of the automated stand have been operating in the depots of the Belarusian Railways since 2005 and proved to be effective. The technology uses the control method agreed upon by the Commission of Railway Transport Council of authorized automotive specialists in 2005.

During operation and examinations of wheel sets mechanical wear of piezoelectric transducers (ultrasonic transducers) is excluded. This allows it to avoid frequent replacements and provides monitoring performance with a duration of 8-10 minutes for one wheel set.

The SUTWS Stand can detect all types of flaws in the rim area and sub rim area of wheels according to the principles of parts and components’ non-destruction during repair works (PR NK B.2-2013). Defects that lead to breaks of the wheel are not detected by the abovementioned document. This includes oxide films, and interlaminar separation inside the rims, which are parallel to the end surface of the rim, the internal defects in the “rim-to-disk” transition zone.

Production capacities of the company allow to make the stand as soon as possible. Highly qualified specialists of the company are always ready to provide the high-quality service the equipment.